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Sony Xperia TL Review

330 ratings | 97116 views
For more details, check out our web site: http://www.phonearena.com/ The name's TL, Xperia TL. Just as the secret agent made famous in the big screen, this "James Bond phone" from Sony surely comes off as being nonchalant with its attitude, since it's deceitfully packing some killer hardware under its façade. No doubt, it'll be making an appearance in the latest movie installment of the James Bond franchise, Skyfall, but more importantly, is this something that would actually impress even the famed secret agent?...
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Text Comments (128)
Henrique Santos (3 years ago)
he has the Portuguese language?
Anna Griffin (3 years ago)
Good thing this device is so cheap now plus.google.com/104923498734515538555/posts/7Z1Gm18r5iQ
bryan diaz (5 years ago)
how much do these xperia TL costs?? pls tell me,, i want to buy it now!!
matt F (5 years ago)
I own this phone....best phone I have owned to date....much better then an iphone
Nesh william (5 years ago)
Thank you PhoneArena! xD
RJ Angus (6 years ago)
lol... how?
what camera where you using?
Enrique Sosa (6 years ago)
When is the xperia z come out in atnt?
I just got this phone on monday for 99 cent on contract with at&t and I'm pleased with is phone looks very high end look I even had some iphone users looking at my phone on the way home my only problem is the battery you can't remove it oh and it comes with one sony nfc tag in the box
Breakingbadbitch (6 years ago)
Does anyone know if the video will do slow motion?
RJ Angus (6 years ago)
can't decide which one to get in a couple of months... xperia t or zl?
Ivan Hernandez (6 years ago)
Modesto CA??
925Huncho (6 years ago)
Does anyone know if it can take pictures with the front facing camera, because i heard it cant?
YUNGKIDD (6 years ago)
Cool phone
Auggy (6 years ago)
lol sony has the best rep for updating their phones as well as being transparent
Ryx (6 years ago)
i KNOW :)
loc bui (6 years ago)
when is xperia z gonna come to AT&T
MR-FLIP (6 years ago)
i have this phone the only thing i dont get is how to delete the history online with out doing 1 at a time also it is hard to hear people when they call
DeadmanInc336 (6 years ago)
Yeah. I think you can't go wrong with either of them. But I'm gonna go with the Galaxy SIII since it will probably be relevant and be supported for a while. Sony doesn't exactly have the best reputation for software updates and support for their phones.
kumarjit saha (6 years ago)
viewing angles are not good....so samsung s3 is better
MrCrazyNun (6 years ago)
i bet ull go for samsung cuz of the screen size. the only downside is that u can fry eggs on a battery after watching videos or playing games for like 20-30 mins. im not sure but i think samsung has better display
DeadmanInc336 (6 years ago)
Any cons or things you don't like? I'm sorta torn between this phone (because of the price) and the Galaxy SIII.
MrCrazyNun (6 years ago)
its awesome u shuold get one)
DeadmanInc336 (6 years ago)
Hahahahahahaha! Please. The iPhone 5 is nothing more than Apple playing "catch up" and even then it was a huge disappointment. Hell! It was recently reported that there is very low demand for the iPhone 5. There have been Android phones out there that have been doing what the iPhone 5 now does.
DeadmanInc336 (6 years ago)
How do you like it? Have you had any problems with it?
DeadmanInc336 (6 years ago)
How do you love the phone? I'm sorta torn between this phone, the LG Optimus G, and the Galaxy SIII.
Austin Smith (6 years ago)
Sony is the best!!
richeyrich81 (6 years ago)
I will also second that emotion I'm glad I stand alone while everyone else has iPhone or sgs3
Knegrodamus (6 years ago)
Why is he doing this at one in the morning lol
MyWinterWarmth (6 years ago)
Lol ur photo like mine xD Enter my page and see
MyWinterWarmth (6 years ago)
Lol ur photo like mine xD Enter my page and see
peter1999pc (6 years ago)
Had this phone... Major regret. Kept restarting on me for no reason. Swapped for acro s, and I love it!!! :D Miss this phone though.
MrCrazyNun (6 years ago)
ohh well $499 mate lol
kcking23 (6 years ago)
nah im been of contract for 2 years and im trying to stay off contract,that's why im looking how to get a great andriod phone off contract.
MrCrazyNun (6 years ago)
if ur AT&T contract about to expire u can go bestbuy.com and do the upgrade+another 2 year contract. the phone is free u just have to pay activation fee which is about $40. they dont have this phone in stock at any bestbuy store, so its available online only
kcking23 (6 years ago)
really how you get it free?
MrCrazyNun (6 years ago)
i got this phone for free at BestBuy while they sell it for $100 at AT&T stores
Dill Funk (6 years ago)
I love Sony
RKo14ful (6 years ago)
uh how i hate the INTRO ...
MrJoyride619 (6 years ago)
Does anybody know how i could get the google search-bar widget @3:48 and the weather widget with gliding clouds @3:51? Just posting the google play weblinks to both the widgets will do.Thanx in advance
Kaiser Bacote (6 years ago)
Jooooooooooooooooohhnnnnnn V from Phone Arena. Nobody looks their phone at the side.
Narutofan9663 (6 years ago)
Hey guys, Joooooohnn.....No, Just No, -_-
Ray Sha (6 years ago)
Does it have swipe messaging?
Ray Sha (6 years ago)
I have an Xperia Arc S. Im not sure if i should get this or not
Ray Sha (6 years ago)
No HDMI connect?
Anleoflippy (6 years ago)
It does. 1.3mp that shoots 720p video.
Anleoflippy (6 years ago)
TL is for the AT&T variant, which has 4G LTE connection. T is TL without 4G and only some parts of the country are getting it. TX is another variant and it's for the European and Asian Market.
Anleoflippy (6 years ago)
Yeah, really agree with you!!!! iPhone is the best in the world. Cannot even compare to shitdroid!hahahaha #iphone4life #apple #steve #jobs #hashtag #yolo #swag
Robert (6 years ago)
Samsung is the mother
Josemar Ventura (6 years ago)
Lumia is the father
blue (6 years ago)
iPhone 5 is better than every android phone ever made on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turkhan Ismayilzada (6 years ago)
xperia s is the best,everybody nows it.am i right??
Giovanni Cheng (6 years ago)
Lost In The Echo!!!! :D We got Linkin Park fan xD
Marko Samardžić (6 years ago)
It's great! ;D I hope I will get it for Christmas :)
thejorddougie (6 years ago)
whats the difference between the xperia T and the TL
Dangquang Kinh (6 years ago)
I love sony
Phinit Sinwal (6 years ago)
at 3:26 that's pretty much chit lol
Faisal Miaze (6 years ago)
the jooooooooohnn v is very annoying :@
TheBcoolGuy (6 years ago)
and it always sucks ass.
kosar mustafa (6 years ago)
great lookin phone don't like the on screen buttons .........
Bojan Tomic (6 years ago)
KickLegend223 (6 years ago)
13 MP cam! i thought 8 mp was the highest. i getting this forget iphone.
TravelBlogger (6 years ago)
i bet he got big guns :P
DevilsDesign (6 years ago)
Midrange because it still lacks a quadcore processor, a large 2000 mah battery like the samsung and mostly cuz its only 100 bucks.. other than that i would say its pretty high end
DevilsDesign (6 years ago)
Ive been an iphone user for over 4 years now and my next phone will be an android, mainly cuz im sick of apples arrogant attitude towards making sure everything is about them and the IOS market is very restrictive.. Actually the entire IOS is very restrictive. If you want a phone thats customized with widgets and deeply personalized to you than go droid
DevilsDesign (6 years ago)
Awesome Review, much better than the piece of shit CNET review
TheBcoolGuy (6 years ago)
0:34 Pedo smile and voice.
TheBcoolGuy (6 years ago)
chill, kid.
Raymond Licardo (6 years ago)
Well Still no Front camera so It Still Sucks!
Colby Chaos (6 years ago)
Not really, TL has 4G but T don't have.
Henry Felver (6 years ago)
pause at 2:22.....his finger = EWWW
Evan Hyland (6 years ago)
I saw that lag lmao
rockyhuman (6 years ago)
awesome phone!!!!!!!!
Zi Cong (6 years ago)
T & TL. They are same thing
Patryk C (6 years ago)
All life in mistake :O
Patryk C (6 years ago)
Bond phone is called Xperia T, not TL, V, SL etc.!!!!
naathaan13 (6 years ago)
Imagine him reviewing Xperia V :D
dflash88 (6 years ago)
Xperia, Sony Xperia :)
ThatMoeHishikawaRikka (6 years ago)
At 3:26, it says "That's pretty much s**t"... Hahahahhh...
TekReviews (6 years ago)
Sony also sells for an arm and a leg or two, an adaptor for those of us who don't have tvs with HDML, an adaptor from HDML to HDMI.
TekReviews (6 years ago)
"Smooth and Charming"? I thought only women say that about men. Makes you go Hmmmm..
Tausif Khan (6 years ago)
Awesome phone
Angel Ochoa (6 years ago)
I was upset my sis got the ion before me. Who got the last laugh now?!
hellotg1234 (6 years ago)
3:26 he said shit lol
Nilsido (6 years ago)
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Ikhwan Huzir Islakh (6 years ago)
I always expect Jooooooohhhnnnnn V in every PhoneArena videos :)
Dybala (6 years ago)
Do the Xperia J Review
g1981c (6 years ago)
wow what a fail - it looks like a brick.
Mwesige Benjamin (6 years ago)
My Next Xperia.
Izamanaick (6 years ago)
This review is utter crap. I have no idea why I watched it.
ciro (6 years ago)
A este elemento de donde lo han sacado
kurniawan muhammad (6 years ago)
so charming phone :)
Max77 (6 years ago)
This is bonds budget phone!
souffiane yasser (6 years ago)
because they are samsung's fanboys
souffiane yasser (6 years ago)
everything nice except the "Joooooohn V'
Sentruos (6 years ago)
I have a Galaxy Mini ._.
Jack Doofenshmirtz (6 years ago)
Jhon V's reviews are way better than the other 2 guys who only focus on "THE PLASTIC FEELING OF THE PHONE" or "the power button is very uncomfy because is placed 1mm lower than other phones". And also their pronunciation is really weird.
cembasak (6 years ago)
I dont understand why phonearena doest like xperia t phone
Layth Mashat (6 years ago)
Even though the specs seem to outperform the s3..the s3 still owns it
Akiff Hssn (6 years ago)
When you saw JCPENNEY , Thumbs up if its remind you of Ellen Degenerous

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