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The Xperia Soda Stunt

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Delivering waterproof smartphones - secret agent style. During the opening weekend of James Bond movie Skyfall, Sony Mobile carried out a stunt in true undercover manner to promote the waterproof smartphone Xperia acro S.
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Text Comments (58)
kazora1001 (5 years ago)
same sung could never have done that
Ruslan Moon (5 years ago)
ironbull2003 (5 years ago)
We never even get a free soda! AMC charge $8 for a large one
P9 Vutha (6 years ago)
really amazing!!! I love Sony! :D
Faggot (6 years ago)
So awesome!
Levan Jabua (6 years ago)
best mobile company ever :P Sony makes very good mobiles, especially Xperia Z, but you need more advertising and popularity. Go sony, Kill iPhone !!
Christian Jourdy (6 years ago)
sony did so well in their phone's ads, why didn't they do the same for their playstation products x(
Kranghel Kranghel (6 years ago)
muy original!!
michalelde1983 (6 years ago)
Awesome! SONY rules!!!
GameChakra (6 years ago)
Pedro Ezequiel (6 years ago)
amaaaazing, ^^
Haroon Ebrahim Collier (6 years ago)
" Original and Creative ".......
Anna Bezhani (6 years ago)
Dan Daniel (6 years ago)
Emm McAndrew (6 years ago)
Great competition concept!
shehata jeremy (6 years ago)
Jean claude De sousa (6 years ago)
it's good
cƯờNg lÊ (6 years ago)
Danjilif (6 years ago)
A bocca aperta..troppo fico..
Sondre Huhtala (6 years ago)
Karleeta (6 years ago)
I've had two xperias and I know they're the best by far... Getting a new one and waterproof? Everyone's dream!!!!
dudedavid (6 years ago)
T41t0m (6 years ago)
wouldn't it be way worse getting an iphone that is still working?
блин отчего такое в Казахстане не происходит :D
TheSleyths (6 years ago)
Those things never happen to me :(
Martin Stibor (6 years ago)
Definitely want this !!!
Ecko Dok (6 years ago)
Just wander how about some of them finish drink it before see this and throw it
chaseonit (6 years ago)
so they did not realize any weight different when hold the cup ?
upthere doniworld (6 years ago)
did they drink that dirty soda?????? If I were them, I would sue Sony.
gexoni83 (6 years ago)
Ma che cazzo di culo...
Omar omar (6 years ago)
فكرة راااااااائعة ..
Fidelis Andryanus (6 years ago)
thumb up if you jealous with people got it
Quark Gluon (6 years ago)
I'm sorry to hear that, I can imagine the feeling of having X10 with 2 years contract. The X10 family was indeed a total mess, I guess everyone should agree. Most of X10 users must have felt tricked by SE, some power users then survive by using custom ROMs. But 6 replacements? It's like the SE's QC had streamed defected phones to some part of the world and it seems to me to be Canada.
Putra Wahyu S (6 years ago)
Anjirrrrrrrrrrrrr keren banget!!! *o*
Quark Gluon (6 years ago)
Why make a youtube account just for a soda stunt? or there will be more soda stunts?
naathaan13 (6 years ago)
You live so far back in time...
Ilya Panasenko (6 years ago)
even 2011 xperia devices are 100500 times better than x10. trust me, I had x10 and now I have xperia ray. ray is just amazing and smooth
Deivs Wilson (6 years ago)
foi pensado para os q vao ao toilet twittando e deixa cair o smarth no vazo. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
L. Afzali (6 years ago)
lucky devils! get the phone, drink the soda, and enjoy the movie!
Sho Firdaus (6 years ago)
Oli Murugavel (6 years ago)
the promotion differs from product to product and nothing changes at the end of the day! magic of advertising!
moon0224 (6 years ago)
I owned the X10 for two years. I now own the Acro S. It's such a step up from the X10 it's not funny! A wonderful phone. Great camera with fast start (just under two seconds), amazing screen quality, excellent battery life, snappy menus. I'm so glad I stayed with Sony!
Benjjify (6 years ago)
that's a nice socially branded reply ;)
Thanapol Amphanet (6 years ago)
vhcandiani (6 years ago)
Goran Djuric (6 years ago)
retardnooby8 (6 years ago)
Ajester (6 years ago)
Maximum Blaster (6 years ago)
Nice idea, poorly execution. And fake and manipulated as shit. This could be really nice.
Nguyen Ngoc Tuyen (6 years ago)
so good !
Shodan2k (6 years ago)
That is clever. But as an Sony mobile phone owner I have to say that Sony have the worst and most arrogant costumer service on earth. They do not care about their costumers once they have bought their products and they will not answer your calls. And it takes them centuries to issue new Android updates and another century to optimized them. So Sony go and self-fornicate you fucking wankers. Yours sincerely the unhappy Sony Xperia Go owner who is one day going to park his SUV inside your store.
Paulina Aquino (6 years ago)
lestocar (6 years ago)
Allexz (6 years ago)
Gecchi kun (6 years ago)
NIce. apple culd never do it XD
tigersaid (6 years ago)
Adam (6 years ago)
Hah, damn awesome! >:D

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