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Michael Jackson Exposes Sony

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This is a speech Michael made, in I believe 2001, maybe 2002, but he talks about how "Sony Kills Music" and how Tommy Matolo and Sony killed his 'Invincible' album that was released in 2001 because of his songs 'They Don't Care About Us' and 'We've Had Enough,' which contain Anti-Illuminati messages in them. Sony is, like many other organizations, Illuminati-Controlled, so they made his album do bad, and Michael spoke out about the evils of Sony.
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here u go n word pass (4 days ago)
The crowd aint taking this srs he knew he gonna die after this rip michael the king of music
Simply Ava (27 days ago)
Me just giving my Sony tv a dirty look
Sapere Aude (1 month ago)
The Powers That Be worked some serious overtime to destroy his image in order to discredit him. ..
ilebillybobjoe (1 month ago)
420th comment
Rehema Mohd (1 month ago)
He was so cute that year,,RIP micheal
Carl Boragay (2 months ago)
Sony copystrikes PewDiePie too, but he exposed Sony.
LEE SOLID (2 months ago)
SONY needs to be investigated!
Madd House Productions (2 months ago)
Love it!! Good art never dies xo
Rochelle Cast-A-Spell (2 months ago)
Shut up, and let the man talk! Lmao.
Cristina Artista (2 months ago)
Michael is GANGSTA!👊🏼
No SmokeTv (2 months ago)
They destroyed his image as well then killed him
Cheree Wilson (3 months ago)
Wake up
isabel D (3 months ago)
sony should be a shame they shouldn't be getting any money at all sony makes people there slaves
Marjorie Degracia (3 months ago)
it's so sad that Michael is dead and they said he's in hill ... but happy that he bravely revealed the truth a hidden truth that almost all the people in the world don't know It's exist.. no one will believe unless it's from a famous or rumored illuminaty member just like Michael JAckson!.
David Higgins (3 months ago)
He flicks Sony off when he says their name LOL
Billie Jean (3 months ago)
Our Dear Michael.
Delvin Walton (3 months ago)
Pabs Channel M (3 months ago)
Where is shane
Ginger Ninja (4 months ago)
" he talks about how "Sony Kills Music" and how Tommy Matolo and Sony killed his 'Invincible' album that was released in 2001 because of his songs" Invincible went doubleplatin in 2001 ...? so how sony killed it?
nmb Memphis beast24 (2 months ago)
It didn't sell well in the USA they didn't promote the album and they start calling him a child molester all the sales came from other countries
Ginger Ninja (3 months ago)
+Theodore Julien ok
Tylarik Realmusic (4 months ago)
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Numb Me out (5 months ago)
Yet none of you fight you sit at home it's pathetic I'll fight
Flyness (5 months ago)
Those people freaking braindead
Olivia Lozano (5 months ago)
He looked so sad.. he knew he was about to die.. this breaks my heart
Vitnic (5 months ago)
God, these poor fucking people are hopeless. They're worse than the enemy. RIP Michael, you're in heaven now.
ITz Sonja! (5 months ago)
I honestly don't believe he is dead. He said he out thought them. He knew eventually they"Sony" Mr. Tommy Motolla the Devil would try to kill him. He got away. Too smart to get bamboozled like that. He gained some weight while he was in Bahrain I guess. Not bad Mike. I misssssssss youuuuuuuu man!!!!!
gamer the boss (5 months ago)
Why sony music kills miceal
Mr. Quacky (6 months ago)
KRS Dabney (6 months ago)
This is what him killed
lola brini (6 months ago)
"i outthink them" no u didnt, they killed u, RIP❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Andre Eli (2 months ago)
He did out think them, he learned the business and flipped the game on em. Thats an L they havent gotten over alive or dead.
PS4 Gaming (6 months ago)
Caleb Lobato (6 months ago)
Sony just got burned by the king of pop
Jawairiya (6 months ago)
Imagine the more amazing music he could have created if he hadn't passed..😭😭😭
Jawairiya (6 months ago)
He was so amazingly talented, people talk more about his appearance than his incredible music, it's so sad.he should have been taken more seriously, I believe Sony did kill Michael for speaking out.
Michael Jackson Fan club (6 months ago)
Sony killed him
Michael Innocent (7 months ago)
After Michael Jackson died his estate and sony started making millions if not billions of dollars of his unreleased songs and albums including those that didn't include any unreleased content such as "Immortal" and "Scream" albums and they've been making loads of music. Michael Jackson sadly is worth more dead than alive (Not my words) and it's sad that Sony would use an dead artist to make money and even though they know some of it is not his own vocals and they still released it into the "Michael" album one year after his death
Edith Sanchez (7 months ago)
Straight bigger than the mafia
mustaq patel (7 months ago)
Michael is always right
Tricky Nick (8 months ago)
This needs to be made viral again. We are very blatantly being lied to by the people were supposed to trust, who also control every aspect of our lives. We are being lied to in huge secretive and conspiracy ridden ways like with our knowledge of space, or even the earth itself, and in small stupid ways, like a reporter faking strong winds, or spreading false info. Some signs are so damn obvious that even the most non superstitious people could point it out. Yet were all still so blinded and distracted? How many more truths do we need? When exactly will we decide to rise above the evil of money and pride and greed? Mostly, why do people conciously choose to let their lives be played by a puppetmaster?
mr ugly (8 months ago)
Rip Michael Jackson
Luigi 696 (8 months ago)
120 songs written per album..What other great masterpieces have we not heard???
jayye Television (8 months ago)
Mike tried to tell us but we wont open our eyes. I think Conrad was hired by sony to kill michael because he was trying to expose the music industry.
Kyoung Suk Chae (9 months ago)
soo doctor comrade Murray killed Michael cause don't told him too maybe
Kyoung Suk Chae (9 months ago)
so what Sony like the CIA something like that guys in black grey suits sun glasses black men white men with guns on their holsters weird to think about a so are they like agents train to kill or hurt
MJbyYR (9 months ago)
These comments have said it all .. Michael told the truth!!! How can you not love this MAN!!!! honest & true!!! L.O.V.E. you MICHAEL!!! ALWAYS!!!
Blue Dwarf (9 months ago)
Michael Jackson's record label was Sony, George Michaels record label was Sony, Whitney Houston was with Sony, Prince was with Sony, all are dead
FHA ف (9 months ago)
Yanesa Pena (9 months ago)
So basically only him and prince spoke about this and it so happened that they died the same exact way
Mj u r. The hero. We all love. U.
kidus haile (10 months ago)
this is sad
umaid lit (10 months ago)
The crowd got him disappointed... They were just shouting his name not understanding what he was trying to say
bleach01 (10 months ago)
This I believe is the reason for his death. Homicide.
Stephanie kittywitty (11 months ago)
Govement killed Micheal Jackson.
FAFA11234 (7 months ago)
No Sony ATV killed Michael Jackson and he said that they would kill him before he died.
Jon Joe Castillo (11 months ago)
I'm funna throw my ps4 away
depression himself (11 months ago)
bruh lil xans works for Colombia records and Colombia records works with Sony, look what's happening to him now
Alex M (8 months ago)
Yep.. all these major labels are completely fucked.
Secuure Shishtar (11 months ago)
Micheal Jackson’s death could possibly be because Micheal Jackson was still in the slave contract while telling the truth then they went and killed him. I don’t know this is a theory but it kinda makes sense but I’d like to know other theories.
Secuure Shishtar (11 months ago)
Kanye West could possibly be hinting slavery. Saying slavery was a choice reffering to the slave contract.
habtamu tamiru (11 months ago)
So sad to hear him talk about how the record labels destroys the performer. I agree with the family and think AEG had something to do with it. :(
Soviet Soldier (11 months ago)
illuminati is owned by sony
1MB.3VAN (11 months ago)
Yeoo the guy in the background speaking sounds like he straight from the regular show
Heather Brandt (11 months ago)
honestly this makes me want to cry
Yunz06 (11 months ago)
Sadly they did live up to what he said...
Muhammad Smith (11 months ago)
MJ vs CM Punk in a pipebomb competition
internet trash (11 months ago)
Fuck dat busta ass tommy Michael speaks truth
Megsing x (11 months ago)
And this ladies and gentlemen is the reason Michael Jackson was killed. You don't seriously believe it was a drug overdose, he said before his death that 'they are going to kill me' lots of people thought he meant the Illuminati, but what if he meant Sony. Also (this is my own theory) what if sony and other big record lables are part of the Illuminati.
Kelley Germroth (10 months ago)
Megsing x FACTS
OLD SCHOOL (11 months ago)
R.I.P. MY BLACK BROTHER MICHAEL!!!!.....He had that African warrior spirit indeed.
Chelsea Benoit (1 year ago)
BTS need to watch this..I am disgusted that SONY got their claws into them.
Mary Hillwill (1 year ago)
Mary Hillwill (1 year ago)
Mary Hillwill (1 year ago)
sony thought michael was dumb..sony is NOT gonna make it in business for doing crooked business..say bye to sony..
Close GITMO (1 year ago)
One more album and that's it. They fucking killed him. Looks like he had them in check and they just straight cheated. This is the evil we are up against, they don't play by the same rules.
my_shoes_are_ purple (1 year ago)
Ooo, wonder if mj had social media he would really diss them then.
Alphem Rapboy (1 year ago)
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onesweetexpat (1 year ago)
Yup. Look what happened to Prince. he was murdered as well
Blanca Miranda (1 year ago)
on top of everything they used michael up...then got that death money too. damn michael,what they did to you😳😞🌹
Blanca Miranda (1 year ago)
the music world an hollyweird is some deep and scary shit....shaking my head.😯😕😒
TheQueenAriel (1 year ago)
I feel like he should have exposed every single thing that day about the illuminati, because he knew he was going to die sooner or later. Might as well dragged them down with him.
messanger of elohim (1 year ago)
He was around weak brainwashed people sheep's.
Cloe Turner (1 year ago)
I don't really get it can someone explain??
dnes sedun (1 year ago)
Can someone explain to me what he said cause the crowd was being way too distracting
Vanessa Richardson (1 year ago)
If you guys think that M J is exposing sony, yall is just as crazy as him. a this is all an act!! Liked he fooled us pretending to be a man. That was very deceiving. And you still act like this character is God. Wake yo ass up. Your a bunch of sleeping sheep. I do feel a little sorry for him. He was pushed into this crap as a child. God help him. So innocent!!
Quantum (1 year ago)
cut the background music fucking idiot
Cimarron Hopper (1 year ago)
Honorable mentions micheal didnt say from elvis Presley to the beatles to sam cooke to ray charles to little richard to the carpenters to carole king to abba to elton John to billy joel to the eagles to reo speedwagon to whitney Houston
michael truthson (1 year ago)
Days later he's bodied
Gaza Boss (1 year ago)
Called him a child molester and it's them involved in the ish..smh
Jose Vazquez (1 year ago)
notyourfriend jones (1 year ago)
Michael Jackson owning half of Sony and exposing the industry is what got him killed. look into Whitney Houston's death, same thing. expose the industry they make you an dishonorable mention then kill you.
curtis gadsden (1 year ago)
yo who made this, M.A.S.
curtis gadsden (1 year ago)
my homie made this beat, pressure
Stacy J, MBA (1 year ago)
OMG.....Michael went HAM on SONY.....LOL
Dawid Butkiewicz (1 year ago)
5:20 Just look at his face expression , he knew something was coming
Proud Mashilwane (1 year ago)
mr Tonny Motolla, Michael Jackson have said a mouth full your comment PLEASE.
Wolfgang Clout Capo (1 year ago)
On one of his albums he shows us that 9/11 is coming four years before it happened, it was an planned job
Kelley Germroth (10 months ago)
Anarchi Black yes blood on the dance floor album the cover said it all
Yanyan kasi (1 year ago)
This is definitely one of the reason why they tried to pull this amazing guy down then finally kills him
Tom Lock (1 year ago)
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Wolfgang Clout Capo (1 year ago)
I wished Michael would’ve told more about these people and Tupac’s death but he died a straight G Salute 😤👏🏾👏🏾
Lydia Graham (1 year ago)
Michael exposed them.... and he called tommy motola a devil.... mariah carey and michael shared alot of secrets regarding tommy and sony... she was married to tommy.... why do you think mariahs mind is all jacked up now.... after michael was killed... it silenced her.... she is scared to death regarding the industry.... anyone who goes against them gets killed or disappears....michael and mariah became best friends..... my brave michael speaking out killed you however you are a hero.... enjoy heaven..... we love you.
Jace Freeney (1 year ago)
he's Alive !!! he doesn't have a signed death certificate , he wasn't showed at his funeral in the casket ! he still Has Movies And Music Coming Out !!!! HE IS A.L.I.V.E.!!!
Maleah Gates (1 year ago)
Kyler Freeney how
AAAdil (1 year ago)
Actually Sony planned to kill him but before that he took overdose of propofol and left us
AA NATION (1 year ago)
I love unbreakable too.
Info share (1 year ago)
watch all of it https://youtu.be/zZ0VmAa1yvk

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