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My Girlfriend Reblogs Pictures of Skinny Girls

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Self consciousness. Love Me For Me Wristband: Simplyhumansimplyequal.com My Twitter: http://twitter.com/Stacy_Solis My Tumblr: hereshestands.tumblr.com My Instagram: http://instagram.com/StacySolis YouNow Link : http://www.younow.com/Stacy_Solis (Please include a self addressed envelope) Stacy Solis P.O. Box 4830 Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91729 Creative Commons Attribution music by Josh Woodward http://www.joshwoodward.com/#/ "Hollow Grove" http://www.joshwoodward.com/song/HollowGrove
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Dianne Caballeroe (4 years ago)
Who is your girlfriend?? Sorry. I don't know about you since this is just the first time that I'm watching your videos. I dint know why I haven't seen your channel before. But I just want to know. Are you guys have a video together?? If you don't mind me asking.
Codie and Valentina (4 years ago)
you talk so fast that i spent most of the video just being amazed at how fast you talk hahaha
Codie and Valentina (4 years ago)
i totally get it though because i do the same thing, and i do it in spanish AND in english haha
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+Codie and Valentina haha uh oh! I think I need to slow it down :D haha or else no one will even get what I'm saying and spend their entire time paying attention to my speedy talk! haha :D
MyMajesticLife (4 years ago)
My girlfriend approached me to let me know when she reblogs skinny girls it's for herself and not to compare me to them or wish I was them, but normally because she wishes she could be them.
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+MyMajesticLife I'm glad that she explained this to you. It's interesting to see different perspectives on situations like this. I like that! <33 Thank you for commenting and sharing this.
I am bad at flirting (4 years ago)
You're really very intelligent. You give so much mature advice on every topic. Your gf is really a very lucky person to have such an amazing woman in her life. Can you clone yourself, so that other ladies like me can also get the benefit? hehehe. I really liked your outfit <3
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+alice bean Aw thank you so much for such sweet compliments. Haha if I cloned myself they would probably come out all wacky! haha missing a bunch of screws :P Thank you for liking my outfit! :D
Voghang m. (4 years ago)
In my point of view, reblogging of skinny girls is not an issue coz I, myself do that (reblog). Skinny people its some like motivation for me (her)to be fit/skinny, how to dress up styling n the fitting. If u/her make it an argument that's the sign of a relationship have a problem; lack of trust, insecurities, and confident of being Ur/her only one...
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+Voghang m. I believe hers was insecurities, and that's where the communication comes in you know? If you were in this situation, I'm sure you would take the initiative to talk to her about this like you just explained to me right? :P there are always more things that go into it, it all depends on the person :D Thanks for sharing!
Digital Marco (4 years ago)
There's a VERY MAJOR DIFFERENCE Between Insecurities & The Truth. MANY Feel that the things I say about Myself or See of Myself are Insecurities and YET That COULDN'T Be ANY Further from the TRUTH. EVERYTHING I See & Feel of Myself has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to Do with Insecurity. ANYTHING I say is The HONEST TRUTH. ANYTHING I Say Are FACTS & REALITY. Coming from a Masked Man such as Myself Who's Face is BEYOND REPULSIVE OR Something that You WOULDN'T Be Able to Stomach Yourself is NOT "Insecurities" or "Low Self-esteem" Issues but Rather the COLD, HARD, HONEST TRUTH; But I Get why people Would THINK Otherwise. It's because the Truth is a VERY BITTER; HARD PILL to Swallow & Digest but I on the Other hand Accept the COLD BITTER TRUTH as it is, ESPECIALLY Pertaining to My Hideous; Monstrous Features. FOR SOME Others, The Case JUST MAY BE Insecurity but for Me, It's TRUTH & REALITY. There is & HAS NEVER Been ANY Compliment a Girl or ANYONE AT ALL Can Give Me that Would EVER Come CLOSE to Measuring Up to the TRUTH When it Comes to Me. So While There ARE People who are Truly Dealing with Some REAL Insecurity Issues, My Case has NOTHING TO DO WITH NOR IS ANYWHERE Near the Issue of "Insecurity", just The ABSOLUTE TRUTH...
max jessie (4 years ago)
I need to catch you video :( my YouTube alert is not working 😞
max jessie (4 years ago)
+Stacy S I already do that twice unfortunately YouTube doesn't want me to get updates. So selfish.. Maybe I really need to upgrade it or uninstall and install again hay but its okay if I need to wait 24/7 for your videos then I will. 👌😁
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+max jessie I've been hearing a lot about this lately :O !! Have you checked and seen if the box that says 'send me updates' in the subscriptions preferences is checked? I believe the way to check is by going to my channel profile and right next to where it says subscribed click on the little circle next to it to get to your subscriptions preferences. Maybe it isn't checked, and that's why your alerts aren't working? :o Please let me know if that was it, I'm interested on what's going on :) thank you very much :D
Sober Unique (4 years ago)
I am excited to see your girlfriend stacy😊😊😊
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+Myra Fabro I am excited to know that you're excited <3 I can't wait for all of you to finally see her <3
vnn hvlms (4 years ago)
Why/how are you perfect... Seriously
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+Ann Marie :P not even! :D Thank you though :D I'm just little ole stacy!
littlepony294 (4 years ago)
Your advice really help alot.xoxo
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+littlepony294 I'm very happy to know that it helps you :) that means I'm doing a good job :)
littlepony294 (4 years ago)
true openness communication help a relationship run smoothly.
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+littlepony294 That is VERY true!! <3
Nazrin Alaskarov (4 years ago)
Here's my two cents on this. I've had experience of someone trying to police my tumblr before because stuff I posted made them feel insecure. Mind you these were just pictures of people.  From the experience I can say it's really unpleasant to have another person decide what you should or can post on your personal blogs or accounts anywhere, especially if it is not offensive material. I agree that it's important to communicate. I also think that if this girl loves her girlfriend who is insecure about the pictures, she should reassure her that she loves her. At the same time she should be able to post whatever she wants on her own blog. 
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+Nazrin Alaskarov Yeah, I definitely believe it goes both ways. Each one has something to explain, which is the part of honest communication. :) There's always so much more that goes into things like this. Thanks for your two cents :D I appreciate it
jazzy rodriguez (4 years ago)
I love your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<33333333333333333333333333333
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+jazzy rodriguez Thank you thank you thank you :D I'm glad you do! :D
Rae Skeet (4 years ago)
I LOVE ur outfit.. It matches u perfect..
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+Rae Skeet Why thank you :D I thought it looked a little funky haha I forgot to fix my sleeves! :D But, I'm glad you liked it haha
shine h. (4 years ago)
Stacy,you always know what to say and have the most best advice ever ily!❤️
Stacy Solis (4 years ago)
+shaheen h. :) thank you for believing so. I really appreciate that! It makes me feel awesome :D
mkrjtc 6 (4 years ago)
Hey Stacy! Thanks for making YouTube videos, it helps me a lot! You are awesome!! :D

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