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YOU WILL BE RIGHT WITH GOD AND WITH MAN, Daily Promise and Powerful Prayer

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In this short but powerful video Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes shares 2 keys to be right with God and with man and He prays for you so that you will get closer to God and all rejection will be broken. Connect in Faith, Believe and you shall receive! •If you want Evangelist Gabriel to pray for you daily then fill in a prayer form: https://www.gabrielfernandesministries.org/daily-prayer-list/ •Donation/Contribution to help us fund the work of the Gospel: 1)Direct Deposit: GFM UNITED PRAYER AND REVIVAL MINISTRY Account Number:62735388763 Bank: First National Bank Branch Name: Summerstrand Branch Code: 210049 Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ 2) Monthly Subscription via Patreon, which is a secure platform. Payments on Patreon go off on the first of each month and are accepted from PayPal or Credit card. All partners via Patreon will gain access to: -Extra content, -Monthly fasting and prayer for your Finances and Family -Daily Mentoring and prophetic devotional -Fasting and Prayer for your Businesses(Submit the names on Patreon, via message) We want to give you the above things as a thank you for your sacrifice in supporting us in this work of ministry: https://www.patreon.com/gabrielfernandesministries 3) Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/evangelistfernandes •Kindle Ebook and Paperback books by Ev. Gabriel Fernandes: 1) Kingdom Keys and Secrets For Success •For more info go to: www.gabrielfernandesministries.org Add me on Instagram and Facebook: Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes
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Text Comments (2674)
Shirish Agrahar (1 day ago)
I agree and declare that I am right with God and with men, in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen...
sheebon baker (1 day ago)
I agree with evangelist Gabriel that my life will line up with God and his plans for me and even my children's life with line up with God Stephun and Denzel and my grandson Legend. We will never be the same again I agree.
Pamella Mbeko (1 day ago)
I receive Amen
Vandessa Daniels (2 days ago)
I agree trust believe receive Decree Declare and surrender my life to Jesus Christ Mighty Name Amen Thank you Pastor Gabriel Fernandes for your spiritual guidance and protection surrounding us each new day Hallelujah Thank you Lord for grace thank you Lord for protecting us and thank you Lord for peace thank you Lord for Humility,Knowledge goodness mercy and thank you Lord for loving us and thank you Lord for taking control over us Hallelujah Lord forgiveness of all our sins cleanse us in body mind soul spirit with Holy spirit within me healing me change me strengthen me with Holy spirit within me and created in me a clean heart and renew me with wisdom Understanding father for you are worthy father me Deliverance Healing Financial breakthrough for myself family my 3 daughters N son sister and her son and brothers and grandchildren ,was us with precious Blood Jesus Christ Mighty Name Amen
Mariama Jibba (2 days ago)
In Jesus Christ name
Abirami Sudhakar (2 days ago)
I agree and receive in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Brother! Your prayers help me to bring our mighty Lord closer. Thank you. Amen.
Shalom Shalom (2 days ago)
Shalom Shalom (2 days ago)
Amen Halleluya i recieve and agree with this prayer in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST of nazareth our Lord and savior for my Children and for my father and for my stepmother and for myself, Amen Halleluya 🌿🕊
Lillian Kasale (2 days ago)
Thank You Jesus.I pray for Your grace and power to make me be in good standing with God and my actions to glorify God.Amen and Amen.
Sheila Santos (2 days ago)
Monique Berry (2 days ago)
Amen thank you Lord. I pray in agreement In the mighty name of Jesus 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽
Ilesanmi Elerewe (2 days ago)
I believe God is taking me up and I receive His grace to be in good standing with Him as I agree with Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes today in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏿
Mathilda Noronha (2 days ago)
Farrah Telusma (2 days ago)
God bless you my brother, I agree with you amen .Glory to God
Oakley Cambel (2 days ago)
In the name of Jesus Christ I agree. Let my actions and thoughts with those around me be right by God. Amen.
Elisa Maria Lay (3 days ago)
Shallom thank you lord amen n amen 🙏watching from East Timor 🙏🙏☺️
Juan Pablo Cangas (3 days ago)
I agree
catherine phillips (3 days ago)
Gary Chadwick (3 days ago)
Towela Banda (3 days ago)
I and my family agree and receive in Jesus name.God give me the desire to worship you all the time.Thank u so much!God bless you and the ministry.
Charmaine van Wyk (3 days ago)
In Jesus name. Amen
Essy Mishu (3 days ago)
In JESUS name I agree and believe..Amen
cristina mae picorro (3 days ago)
Shakaina (3 days ago)
Amen HalleuYah
Panda Go (3 days ago)
Laquatta Brown (3 days ago)
I agree... I receive... 🙏
Tanei pertet (3 days ago)
I Agree with the word of God that people look at my action s but God sees what is in my heart be Blessed EV Gabriel as you continue ministering the word of God to his people Shalom
Sophiya Bhoire (3 days ago)
We r in agreement with you india
Kendra Turner (3 days ago)
I come into agreement with Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes and receive it in Jesus Christ's name and thank you for it Father God.
Yashti Atmopawiro (3 days ago)
I agree, believe and receive in the mighty name of Jesus. Father change all the situations in my life that the devil created. Please do this for the glory of King Jesus. I thank you for your love,grace and mercy. Thank you for all the things you did and doing for me. In Jesus mighty name amen and amen
Elisa Maria Lay (3 days ago)
Thank you lord amen n amen 🙏
Rina Ramlaul (4 days ago)
i recieve in the name of our lord jesus christn agree thank you lord
Tarun Shah (4 days ago)
Michael Miller (4 days ago)
Brother evangelist Gabriel Fernandez this is brother Michael from the United States of America I come into agreement with you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth amen
Ruth Kath (4 days ago)
I agree and pray Father give us the faith to understand and answer our prayers through faith in Jesus Christ and trust Him in Father's Name. AMEN!!
Sam Ant (4 days ago)
I agree to receive miracles healing and blessings for me and my family. Amen.
Familyuser 123 (4 days ago)
I AGREE... Thank you Jesus 💟... Thank you Brother Gabriel for every Beautiful prayers. Respectfully g.l.r
Sister Anthony (5 days ago)
I agree in the Mighty name of Jesus.
Violet Covert (5 days ago)
I agree and recieve this prayer in the name of Jesus amen. I pray for grace and favor in the name of Jesus. God bless you Evangelist Gabriel.🙏🏽🙏🏽💕
Tracie Nelson (5 days ago)
Kathie Spreitzer (5 days ago)
I agree with your prayers and in the name of Jesus may you be blessed with a long life. We appreciate you for all you do for us. Thankyou..God continue to bless you.🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌
Kathie Spreitzer (5 days ago)
Reverend Gabriel, I read your report about your name being used by false people claiming to be,you. It is a terrible thing I know, I was scammed like that. My prayers will go to the Lord Jesus for your name to be cleared. My prayers are with you. In Christ, Kathie Spreitzer. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
nothincan nk ti (5 days ago)
He sold out to the masons
A. Michelle Kay (3 days ago)
Luke 2:52, Praise the Lord! I agree. God bless y'all out there in Port Elizabeth and as always thanks for prayin'!
Allissa Cooper (5 days ago)
Yes yes yes amen
Anita Alberto (5 days ago)
Amen amen, I believe agree and receive this in Jesus mighty name 😇 😇
annammal agness (5 days ago)
I decree and declare in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏
Mary Vincent (5 days ago)
I agree in the mighty name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,Amen.
Gabriel Laston (5 days ago)
I agree and receive in the mighty name of Jesus
cassandra mccray (5 days ago)
I agree w EVANGELIST Gabriel Fernandez prayer n receive the words that have been prayed for me n my family n loved ones, n the MANIFESTATION of answerd prayers in the spirit world n now in the NATURAL Realm for me n those I'm praying for in Jesus's name. Amen Amen n Amen. Praise GOD
oscar omondi Otieno (5 days ago)
Amen I agree and believe
Christy Tina (6 days ago)
I agree
Tabitha Prock (6 days ago)
Agree, Amen
Stacey Anderson (6 days ago)
Amen Lord change me
Satnam Mann (6 days ago)
I agree with you name of Jesus Amen
health blogger (6 days ago)
Rosemary King (6 days ago)
God bless you Evangelist Gabriel and your ministry...I agree believe and receive this blessing in Jesus name..Amen
Peaches Lomax (6 days ago)
🌈🌈🌈 Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words! I accept receive touch agree declare decree and believe everything that Evangelist Gabriel Fernandez says by fire and by force in the Mighty Matchless Name of Jesus Christ! It is sealed with the Blood of Jesus Christ Amen!🌈🌈🌈
Joshua Frazer (6 days ago)
I receive my deliverience in the mighty name of Jesus Christ in Jesus name Amen and Amen
shiyevinaa (6 days ago)
I believe and I receive in Jesus's precious name. Amen!
valentina4459 (6 days ago)
I agree in Jesus Christ name
Jose Sanchez (6 days ago)
Christine IsMee (6 days ago)
I agree with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Andrew Laing (6 days ago)
God bless you sir I would love to take to you. about a situation am having
Nancy Green (6 days ago)
I repent of any motives that did not glorify you Lord. Those motives to glorify self as opposed to you the Great I am.
Shellyann Bernard (6 days ago)
I believe,receive,and agree with u Ev,Gabriel,thanks for all you are doing for all of us,we need devine connections in our business,no jealousness,we must trust you ,no matter,no one must laugh at us your grace is sufficient for all of us,wherever the devil is attacking us ,must change, in must,we want to be right standing with God,so we can be bless,with abundance,divine connections,devine favours,dive healings with our health,in jesus mighty name AmenHallilujah.
mahzarin jeejeebhoy (6 days ago)
In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen
theultimate gamer (6 days ago)
I agree in the mighty name of jesus
J’Torria Black (6 days ago)
I agree in Jesus name
Zanele Lukhele (6 days ago)
Thank you Jesus
Priya Mendis (6 days ago)
My son came second thank you Jesus
Queen Zainab (6 days ago)
I agree
Richi Samuel (6 days ago)
Brother thank you so much for being pleasant to God.. I thank Jesus for you have been a great blessing to me as if you were purposely praying for me
Martin Atiim (6 days ago)
Amen and Amen I stand in agreement with Evangelist Gabriel in prayer.
michguer Messi (6 days ago)
I agree, God Jesus will always make a way. Father God increased my faith for I trust and believe in Jesus mighty name amen 🙏🇺🇸
Victor Adonis (6 days ago)
I agree with you and pray in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Lyn Espejo (6 days ago)
Amen! Thank you God.
wilhelmina hemalatha (6 days ago)
i agree in the mighty name of Jesus
Derrick Foster (6 days ago)
I am in agreement with Evangelist Gabriel in Jesus name Amen
pleter florina (6 days ago)
HalleluYah! My Father, I pray to be a light in this place where You put me, in Jesus Mighty Name! My LORD, I pray, make me pure in heart, My Father, have mercy on me, I come with humble heart and deep repentance before Your Trone of Grace! My Redeemer, my God and my King, I choose You today and forever! I Thank You for You are my Savior! Amen and Amen! God bless you!
Assiatu Kay Jalloh (6 days ago)
Rocky Girdler (6 days ago)
Praise God in Jesus holy and mighty name I agree amen God bless you too
pramod p m (7 days ago)
i agree in the mighty name of jesus christ. amen
Sandra Graham (7 days ago)
Amen! I receive it in Jesus’ name🙏🏾 May God get glory out of all our lives! Hallelujah 🙌🏾
Veronica EL (7 days ago)
Thank you evangelist Gabriel for your prayers and healing in the mighty name of Jesus I believe and I know he is there for me and my family Protecting and guiding us each and every second of our lives Amen and Amen
tubinho79 (7 days ago)
Thank you brother Gabriel, you are a blessed soul. God bless you. Thank you Dear Father ❤️🙏♥️
Tsenguun Bolor (7 days ago)
Amen i so do agree.That all shall lift me up and Change my Situation and all the Problems.
Praises Worship (7 days ago)
I connect in faith with Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes. I believe and I shall receive in the name of Jesus, amen.
Cheryl Clarke (7 days ago)
I am in agreement with Evangelist Fernandes to be in right standing with God and have favor with man in my life in Jesus name amen. NC USA
M Redfearn (7 days ago)
Please to whoever read this comment pray for my daughter Carla to be delivered from anorexia and any strongholds in her life. Thank you in advance.
Betty Mealus (7 days ago)
Amen and Amen!!!!!!
i agree in the name of Jesus
Jane Mugo (7 days ago)
I believe and agree in the Name of Jesus Amen
I agree with you.thank you
Theresa Wonzon (7 days ago)
I agree with this prayer in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏🙏
Virginia Feliciano (7 days ago)
Amen! I receive the blessings and Favor from my Savior!
Jemima Evangelin (7 days ago)
Wanda Smith (7 days ago)
I agree, believe and receive, In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen
Gemini Walter (7 days ago)
I agree in the mighty name of Jesus

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