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Golden Girls S03E08 Brotherly Love

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Golden Girls S03E08 Brotherly Love
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Viktória László (5 days ago)
Sven's accent is hill-a-ri-ous!😂😂😂
Xaivier Bordelon (13 days ago)
An itchy hat
Xaivier Bordelon (13 days ago)
The most successful pet neutering business in Greater Miami
Xaivier Bordelon (13 days ago)
We've never met...
My name Is B. (14 days ago)
"I thought it was the shape of Florida." 😂😂😂😂And she said it with a straight face!😂😂😂 God I love Betty White.
Eric Apple (28 days ago)
raf cisco (1 month ago)
it is curious when Blanch tells Floyd that he is taking his child to eat, but she was exactly in the same situation bringing her child to eat as well...
bajeh dyer (1 month ago)
Rosé does any of your relatives name psycho and psycho 2???😑😑😑
Kimberly Hendricks (1 month ago)
This show makes me happy! I was feeling low this morning and now I forgot why!
Anthony Bou Zeydane (1 month ago)
Blanche I am talking about arranged marriages not deranged marriages hahahahahahaha Gets me every time
Az Tese (1 month ago)
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
Shut up Rose , Sven's not a child...naive for sure but not a child.
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
I find Sven's are usually handsome...
Niki Grant (1 month ago)
Oooooh look I'm shaking lol
coccinelle80 (2 months ago)
Seeing Casey Sander guest star on other shows with his real accent seems odd, after seeing him play Little Sven !!
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
+coccinelle80 thanks !
coccinelle80 (1 month ago)
Sandra Jovic Who’s the Boss, among others. Check IMDB.
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
What other shows was he been on? He looks familiar and is a really good actor...and not that bad looking either, actually.
vidella Delveen (2 months ago)
Evlo Life (3 months ago)
Still watching in 2019!!!🙋💓
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
Neths Ki (3 months ago)
Dorothy: knock knock Rose: whose there? oh shut up rose 😂😂
highlyaroused83 (20 days ago)
The best line in the series
raf cisco (4 months ago)
It is funny to hear Blanch trying to insult her boyfriend by asking him if he was taking his child out to eat while she herself was in the company of a young men herself...
Anthony Bou Zeydane (1 month ago)
The real insult is you writing men wrong because in this case it's man not men
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
True !
Kierra Crumedy (4 months ago)
Owww get outta here well nice meeting u bofl
DarlingNikki2 (4 months ago)
When Sven talked about sailing around the Cape of Good Hope when Blanche said to go back to his place, I was confused. I thought he was from Sweden like the rest of Rose's family, not South Africa... Weird writing glitch there.
Ali Baebee (2 months ago)
my mother’s maiden name is nylund as well!!
Ali Baebee (2 months ago)
DarlingNikki2 her family is Scandinavian (aka finland, denmark, norway && sweden). as a swede myself 90% of the references are super inaccurate but scandinavians are very well known for their travels so it’s possible that reference was a nod to that! 🇸🇪☺️💝
Gerald Warren (4 months ago)
Yak chitlins!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gerald Warren (4 months ago)
I never understood why they had Dorothy acting like she had a problem looking at dicks. As lonely as she was you'd think she'd be excited to see some, EVEN IF IT IS A CAKE.
Gerald Warren (1 month ago)
coccinelle80 (2 months ago)
Gerald Warren Dorothy probably got more dick 🍆 than all of us
Matt C (5 months ago)
"What about my clothes?" "They're ugly. Any other questions?"
cleo montebon (5 months ago)
st.Olaf and sven, lol reminds me of frozen.
Zulu Zulu (9 months ago)
2:05 Bea nearly lost it :-)
Juchille Jae (6 months ago)
I don’t how she made that smirk disappear so fast 😅
teaRose Lamour' (9 months ago)
ty for upload
Timmy tim (10 months ago)
Why is he wearing a thick sweater in Miami
Gemini Johnson (1 month ago)
This isn't brotherly love🙂
Sandra Jovic (1 month ago)
Timmy, Miami has some cold evenings...
J. A. (4 months ago)
They sound like the Chipmunks, wrong episode title, this is un watchable, And they All Wear sweater's and Their house is ALWAYS spotless, Yet you NEVER see them cleaning and what's with the copper Jell-O mold shaped like a penis? Oh and the shoulder pads look like they Left the hanger in. 😅👵👴👩👱
Kima Hector (10 months ago)
Timmy tim remember he's from st olaf. The land of stupidity.
Steven Segal (1 year ago)
hey...grandma means to be as much as very u know
Anam Ahmed (1 year ago)
This is not the brotherly love episode this is A Visit From Little Sven

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